Why vegan dating?

Veggly is the world’s number 1 vegan dating app and helps you in finding your Veg-Love. Veganism is not a diet: it’s a whole set of values that many vegans find a must have in a partner.

For vegans and vegetarians, it helps if you know going into it that the other person thinks and eats like you. You can share meals in peace and have a good time, knowing you agree on the values important to you, such as protecting animals, your health and the planet. 

If you’re looking for herbivorous love, we’re here to help you find the right plant-based match!

How can Veggly help? Easy to use Vegan Dating App

Veggly is a free dating app for Vegans and Vegetarians! Find, Veg-Match and chat with veggies near you  and seek out a new relationship in the growing world of plant-based living! Too good to be true? Check out our testimonials to get inspired by people who used Veggly and met their Veg-Matches!

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Vegan Dating
Vegan Dating



We love testimonials! There is nothing that makes us happier than hearing from people who found their Veg-Match through Veggly! We live and work hard to hear these stories.

In this section, you’ll find testimonials from people who use or used Veggly. How they like it. And what they find. We hope you get as inspired as we do by reading these cute stories 🙂

Got your own story to share? Send it to admin@veggly.net so we can feature it here.

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Dutch-English Vegan Couple Meets on Veggly!

“Our story started when both of us started to scroll through Veggly. Both of us realized that the vegan datingpool is very small and we definitely didn’t expect things to turn out this well. Finding someone who is vegan is great but it obviously takes much more to fall in love and to build a good relationship. From the moment we started talking we realized how many things we have in common and how many shared interests we have.”

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Dutch-English Vegan Couple testimonial
Credits: Storytellers Fotografie – http://www.storytellersfotografie.nl/


Meet Evi and Falco

“Hey, so this is our love story. My name is Evi and I am 18. My partner’s name is Falco and he is 23. We matched on the 13th December 2019 on the app. We had many awesome dates, the first one being on a vegan Christmas market! Since the 2nd of February 2020 we are officially a couple. The story began when I just signed up on the app (on the 13th dec), scrolled trough and then I saw his cute merge smile. We both clicked each other’s “like” buttons and we matched <3 Later he told me that he saw a new like and immediately knew I was the one when he saw my profile…”

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German Vegan Couple testimonial


Meet Joan and Darren – Testimonials

“(…) I couldn’t ask for more in a partner. I don’t know what the future holds for us. Right now we both make each other happy and helped each other through not such good times. Our families know about us and are very happy for us. I’m going to remain ever so grateful to Veggly forever. (…)”

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UK Vegan Couple testimonial


Jr. from USA

I am so thankful to Veggly for creating a dating app dedicated to veg*ns! Being a vegan is an ethical decision for me and it was incredibly important that I found someone who held these same values as myself! It wasn’t long until I matched with such a special person  we complement each other SO WELL! I’m beyond blessed to have found this amazing human being and I couldn’t thank Veggly enough for making this possible! This match is mine now 😉 #VeganForTheAnimals


Company Director from Colchester, UK

“Having been newly single I tried a few more generic dating apps but I totally felt Veggly reflected what I was looking for and whilst clearly the audience needs to build, it has massive potential. I met someone just right for me within a couple of weeks of using it-maybe I was lucky but I’m pretty grateful whatever. Good luck Veggly!”


UX/ UI Desiner from San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been a member of the app since the early stages, and in fact, recently I met my current partner through the app!  We clicked right away; we chatted and had video dates for about a month.  I was traveling across the country in my self-converted van at that time, and for our “first date” he drove thousands of miles to meet me in Wyoming, then we traveled for about 5 weeks together!  Crazy story but I think that only happened because we met through this app.”


Alana Alves, Brazilian living in France

“Hello!I would like to share my love story with you and also to thank you for creating such an amazing app that allows us to find people that have similar values and beliefs.
I am Allana, a Brazilian student doing an exchange in France. So, I started using the app around March 2020 when France was in lockdown and also my twin sister pushed me to use it. I met nice people there who became my friends. But then, I stopped using it, because I was a little bit busy with all the work and projects of my University.

In August, I restarted to use Veggly and I matched with Thomas, a vegan French. We talked for 2 weeks and then we decided to meet at the SMMMILE Festival, a vegan event in Paris.
We just completed 4 months that we are dating and he is the most amazing gift I got while doing an exchange in France.
So, that is it, a story of a Brazilian student living in France that met the most awesome vegan French guy thanks to Veggly.”


Victoria, 25 years old from Canada – Testimonials

“I’ve never had any good experiences with dating apps before but I decided to give Veggly a try. It stood out from the other apps because it was made for the vegan and vegetarian community. It was a much better experience than I could have imagined. I was pleased to see that I already have at least one core value in common with everyone on the app, which is more than what most apps currently have to offer. I’ve met my boyfriend through Veggly so I have them to thank for giving us the chance to meet, for me to fall so hopelessly and madly in love with him. I would definitely recommend Veggly if you are vegan, vegetarian, or plant based. Everyone needs to eat to live and dating is a much better experience when you can agree on something you need to do every day.”


Testimonials from Fatemeh, 35 and Novid, 32 from Tehran, Iran

Testimonials like this next one makes us particularly happy being from a location we wouldn’t expect so much. So great to hear we’re helping people all over the world!

“Being vegan is hard enough here, let alone dating someone who is in your side! So there are so few people from Iran in Veggly and most of them are not actually vegan or vegetarian. I saw this handsome guy who’s profile photo was just like mine (both with a dog) and to my surprise, we shared almost the same qualities and expectations in our “about” section. I was so shy so I didn’t like his profile, but his face remained in my mind. After like 2 months or so I sent him a very short message. But received no reply. So I got disappointed and signed out after a week. One day I received an email telling me I have a new message in Veggly. I signed in to see someone else’s message. We started chatting and after a while he sent me a photo of his, exactly same photo of the guy I had a crush on, and here’s the story: he had an old forgotten profile, the one I first messaged.

And he had uninstalled the app cuz he couldn’t find any vegan girl he liked. So he had given up. Why did he message me? He saw an old email telling him I had sent him a message on his old profile. So he reinstalled Veggly and saw my profile!

Now we’re planning to live together and I’m telling you, he’s the best guy I’ve ever met.

Thank you Veggly! ❤️ ❤️”


Men, 33 from Lisbon, Portugal – Testimonials

“The best compliment I can give to the application is that I no longer need to use it. I started dating someone I met there. It really helps to have an app that brings together people who have a common philosophy of life right away. Prices are also friendly. I recommend!”


Environmentalist from Baden-Baden, Germany

“I only turned vegan a few months ago, but I as a very passionate environmentalist it was clear for me, that if at some point in my life I will be in a relationship again it will have to be with somebody who shares somewhat same values as I. As if the Instagram algorithm knew what I was thinking an advertisement of the Veggly app popped up one day. And curious how I am I downloaded  and tested it, even though I really wasn’t searching for anything!
A couple of days later, I had a match with a very interesting man. We started chatting and we soon noticed that we were very aligned in various subjects, after a couple of weeks just talking via chat, we finally met and now here we are! The relationship is still quite fresh, but it really has the potential to be something very very good, and all thanks to Veggly! He’s French, I’m German, we both live close to the border, but probably would have never met by chance! Also the fact meeting somebody with the same/similar beliefs and values is rare, and I think Veggly has a real potential to help there..”

This was one of our first testimonials and one we feel very touched by 😍


Mary from Argentina

“In November 2019 I discovered the application. For a while I thought there should be a “Tinder for vegans”. On Veggly, I spoke with some people, all very cool and we even got to go out. Then, I left the app for a short time and one day in May of this year I got a Superlike. I found him interesting and I thought we have things in common but I wasn’t sure. I meditated on it and clicked superlike too. That same day we started talking. The first two weeks were express messages; but then we continued by other means and the conversation was constant. On July we decided to meet. The best first date I had ever had, we quickly realized that we could be ourselves and we had a great time together. One day he told me that he wanted to meet my family, because everything was going well and in September he asked me to be his girlfriend. Everything seems very fast but everything is going very well, the families still don’t know the complete story of how we really met hahaha”


Testimonials from teacher in Austria

“I had some issues with the app at first but contacted support and they were very quick to help me. After I got my account going again, I started to get some Veg-Matches and now i have seriously found my perfect man – it is unbelievable. We are so in love you have no idea.

Perfect app for vegans. Thanks a lot for this and peace! 
Lots of love from Austria”


Chemist from São Paulo, Brazil

“Hi everyone!
I wanted to share my experience with Veggly!
For those who don’t know, it’s a dating app for vegetarians and vegans. To simplify, it’s the “Vegan Tinder”
My experience: when I decided to stop eating meat I didn’t know many veg people who I could ask questions to. I decided to download Veggly to chat and also to look for a veg nutritionist referral there (yes, I had that goal hahaha). I ended up meeting a guy who lived 4 blocks from my house, we started talking and we have been together for almost a year now! I never thought I would meet someone nice in a relationship app because of the prejudice I had with these apps, but now I’m dating a nice vegan guy! ❤️

So the tip of the day is this: download Veggly! Even if you can’t find “the one”, there is plenty of nice people to meet and chat with!” ❤️


Man (32) From Oslo

“I met someone and it’s working really well! It was just after a few weeks on Veggly (after years of Tinder). Thank you for providing this service!”



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